Preventative Care

Great habits can prevent many of the most common dental problems. We are happy to help you create a personal plan for oral health based on your specific needs.


Paired with a good oral health routine at home, regular cleanings help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

We know that gums can be sensitive. Our hygienists Karen and Courtney provide thorough cleanings with care, and are ready to answer your questions about good habits for great oral hygiene.


A localized antibiotic placed in gum pockets to treat periodontitis, which is the shrinkage of gums and resulting loosening of teeth caused by inflammation of the gum tissue around the teeth.

Arestin application is a painless and quick procedure that produces great results.

Emergency Care

We provide emergency dental services for all patients at our practice in Hendersonville during our regular office hours. Established patients may contact us for emergency care during weekend hours.

If you believe you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, please call 911 for Emergency Medical Services.